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Need help with notifications?

Michael Mizrahi
posted this on July 28, 2011 02:05 PM

Notification settings can be found in the global settings of the app. To change your notifications for Groupme tap the poundie in the top left corner to reach the app’s global settings. You can mute them for periods of time, turn vibrate on and off, turn off notifications for liked messages, etc.

You can also mute a particular group in the group’s settings. Tap the three dots in the top right corner from the chat’s page and hit “mute” on the drop down menu. Do the same to turn the notifications back on when you are ready to hear from those chatty Kathy’s.

Having trouble receiving the notifications? Make sure you are not muted or using Office Mode in any of your groups. If you are muted, there will be a bell icon with a line through it and if a group is in Office Mode, it will say so in a gray box next to the name of the group. To un-mute yourself, select the group, open the group settings (swipe from right to left when looking at the group chat) and tap the bell icon. To turn off Office Mode, tap the gear icon in the group settings and make sure Office Mode is set to Off. 

Is your account STOPPED? This can happen if you text STOP (all caps) to a group message or if you chose to "Stop GroupMe Service" from your account settings page on our website.  You can resume your account by texting RESUME (all caps) to a group or the short code 47687. 

Valid Google account? Make sure that you have a valid google account synced to your phone. Do this by going to Android's settings -> Accounts (or Accounts & Sync depending on your version of android). If you don't see a google account, then add one (you don't actually need to sync gmail or contacts or anything, but you must have a google account). If your google account has a little red exclamation point next to it, then you most likely need to update your password on your device (which you should be able to do from this screen).  Also, double check that you have the Android Market or Play Store on your phone AND that your version of android is 2.2+. 

If all of these seem correct, try logging out and back into the app. If it STILL isn't working, email us at Always happy to help! #)

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