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How much does GroupMe cost?

Steve Spillman
posted this on March 31, 2011, 12:13 PM

We do *not* charge for our service- it's completely free from our end.

The charges that may apply are those that you would normally pay for sending/receiving text messages (or data if you using the app).

It's charged as a normal US mobile number- so whatever you would pay to text someone, it costs the same towards the group.  Each text you send to a GroupMe number counts as one text to a mobile phone number—you are not sending five messages if your group has five members.

Some people who aren't on an unlimited plan have a certain number of texts they may send and receive per month, so they should keep an eye on that count with their cell provider.

If you don't have a text message plan, we strongly encourage downloading the app if your phone allows (iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone available at

As always, you can email us as if you have any specific questions. Happy to help further! #)

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