How do I use @mentions in GroupMe?

Need to grab someone’s attention?

Mention them in a comment to make sure they see your message. Even if the person you’re mentioning has muted notifications for that group, they will still receive a notification (for example, ‘Sorcha has mentioned you in Work buddies’).

To use @mentions:

  1. Type @ into the text box. A list of all the group members appears.
  2. Select the name of the person you want to mention, and then type your message.

They'll receive a separate notification telling them they have been mentioned in a comment in this group.

If they have their phone notifications set to None — or if they're using the web version and have notifications muted for all chats — they won’t receive a notification.

If someone mentions you, your notification will appear according to your phone’s notification settings.

App is closed: Banner notification

A message appears at the top of your screen.

  1. Select and drag the bar down. The options to Like or Reply appear.
  2. You have three options: Tap the notification to bring you into the app, tap Like to like the message and not reply, or tap Reply to send your response without opening the app.


App is closed: Alert notification

A window appears on your screen.

  1. Select Close to close the message or Options.
  2. Under Options, tap Open to reply within the app, tap Reply to respond without opening the app, tap Like to like the message or tap Close.


Phone is locked: Banner and Alert notification

A notification message appears. Unlock the phone to reply within the app.


Note: If you have your phone notification settings set to None, you won’t receive any notifications about the @mentions. 



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