Why is GroupMe asking for my birthday?

We take the safety of GroupMe users very seriously and have security measures in place based on date of birth to help protect children. Read our full terms of use.


*NOTE: Once you enter and confirm your birthday you won’t be able to change it.


Why can’t I create a GroupMe account?

You won’t be able to create an account if you don’t meet the minimum legal age requirements.


Why am I unable to sign in to GroupMe and receive a message my account has been deleted?

If you don’t meet the minimum age requirements for an account, your account will be deleted.


Why do I have to be over a certain age in the EU to use GroupMe?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires controllers like Microsoft to have authorization from parents to get a child’s consent where that consent is required for personal data processing in the context of Microsoft products and services, including GroupMe.


What does it mean if I am an under 16 EU GroupMe user?

EU users under 16 will not be able to create a GroupMe account, or use any of the GroupMe services.


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